Today is all about our pets!

We are lucky to have all these fur friends near. It’s made this confinement bearable. You may have noticed them popping into our performances, interviews and livestreams.

Our Siamese Cats rule the main house, while our Chi-mix Dogs rule the backyard and back house studio.

This boisterous bunch often bust into our production sessions and fuss until we pick them up or include them in the show.

They’re clearly ready for their close ups!

We’ve been keeping an ambitious schedule with weekly Zoom tapings for Dreamocracy In America, screenwriting, and video production. Amidst all this pandemic-production intensity, our fur friends have been pining for more love and attention. This is ironic since now we are home more than ever.

The city where we live, Santa Ana, has the highest COVID rate for Orange County. That doesn’t inspire us to go for daily dog walks in our neighborhood. PThe alternative is piling our three savage pups in the car, and driving to a safer area. It’s a major production.

Thanks COVID!

Our doggos look adorable, but the boys are constantly fighting and their momma tends to pee her seat when she gets anxious.

Real charming huh?