I still remember the first time I saw “Bowl of Beings” by Culture Clash at the LATC in the early ’90’s. It captured my imagination and knitted together an entire community.

My mentor Gronk did the set design, graffiti-inspired backdrops, a giant pizza slice that came down from the ceiling. Mister Ed, the cholo carpenter built out the wooden stage structures & details. Del Zamora and Chicano Secret Service starred in Culture Clash’s “Luchador Chicano.” My dear amiga Minerva Garcia co-starred in their “Chavez Ravine.” Past co-conspirator Lalo Alcaraz wrote for the Culture Clash TV show on Fox. At many levels, we’re all familia.

Culture Clash are masters at capturing our Latinx Icons. Their portrayals crack open stereotypes and sacred cows.

The members of Culture Clash, Herbert Siguenza, Richard Montoya, and Ric Salinas, have collectively impacted our collective experience of Latinx-Pop Culture & Theater like few others.

For all these reasons, it’s an honor to have Herbert Siguenza as our guest tomorrow on Dreamocracy In America.

Fun Fact: Herbert used to live in my old loft on Santa Fe & 7th after I moved into Gronk’s Pineapple Building on Spring Street. Richard Montoya lived on the ground floor of the Santa Fe building and used to host epic soirees.

We used to all be such a social little community in DTSA, all along 7th Street from Grand to Santa Fe. It’s hard to not pine for those days of dinner parties and open salons. Has life, as we’ve known it, ended?