The Decameron is blazing in our gestalt.

How Can Boccaccio’s 14th Century Decameron Help Us Live Through COVID-19?

These Sacred Cycles are eternally repeating.

Would that we all had a charming Italian villa to escape to.

Meanwhile in modern-day Italy, the situation is intense. Italians have one of the highest COVID infection rates in Europe. To follow the drama in Rome through the eyes of a visual artist, I recommend the painter Cynthia Korzekwa’s blog:

Art for Housewives

Ballpoint pen drawing: drinking tequila with Frida Kahlo in a Mexican cantina – © 2015 Cynthia Korzekwa –

A Tejana Ex-Pat, Cynthia Korzekwa‘s poetic observations and vivid paintings are a powerful way to experience the eternal city. Before moving to Italy some 30 years ago, the beautiful Cynthia was a part of the legendary Chicano art collective Con Safos in San Antonio, Texas. She is an all-around fascinating mujer!

Korzekwa also featured me on her blog:

Coronavirus, Conspiracy & Pocharte

I met Korzekwa in the flesh over a decade ago, while I lived in Rome. It was a beautiful summer of working on an opera and exploring the city’s treasures. I loved the Spanish Steps most of all, with its Keats Shelley House and Caffe Greco.

I can hardly wait until travel restrictions are fully lifted. My wanderlust is in overdrive.